Reality Check

A solo exhibition

Artist Statement

In the world, as in myself, patterns exist and mix, giving shape to many continuous assemblages of unique phenomena.

Humans are a collection of cells and patterns, which are born, eat food, produce excrement, sleep, have desires, wear clothes and explore the feeling of being alive and then die. This framework and patterning provides us with the consciousness of what is to be human.

Throughout history people have expressed themselves through the production of patterns identified on their skin, or have carved them into their bodies, to communicate information about themselves and their era. Clothing uniquely differentiates humans from other animal forms.

Through these concepts and patterns, my work investigates the internal and external tensions of the flesh and cloth, which I have bound together as outer surfaces such as paintings and sculpture.

The shapes in my works imply primordial human feelings of comfort which produce a sensation of healing, while at the same time to dye, tie or stitch allows for the emotional and material landscape to balance. By working in 2D to 3D, viewers can experience multiple dimensions of my work.

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