Blurring the Bull

Kutay Alkin
Joshua Miller
Jackie Friedberg
Jonny Elder
Daniel T Gaitor-Lomack

Curated by MP Knowlton

Curator's Statement

The human mind always sways in the direction of order. We use this to understand the world. Through language we separate the world into neat boxes, until the artist comes along to exploit the ambiguities in the systems we use to digest our perceptions. A piece of art that grabs the viewer is powerful, but a piece that can persuade a viewer into true engagement is inspiring. The works in Blurring The Bull do both, they open the door and entice the viewer to step through. Blurring the line between categories, these works compel viewers to step past a mere glance and push them to reconfigure what their impressions mean. Frustration and acceptance are encouraged side effects. Allowing oneself to step into confusion is freeing, finding your own way from there is creation. These artists have a firm grasp on their practice and excel in luring the viewer in to question the meaning and substance of the work. While beautiful on the surface, this work is not meant to be easy, it calls to be challenged and rethought while disregarding expectations. Kutay Alkin presents work that waivers between photography and abstract painting. He manipulates his pieces during the development process, scraping ink and smudging borders. Joshua Miller entices viewers with oil paintings that suggest an object-hood, which is swiftly seized by the unidentifiable forms the viewer faces. Jackie Friedberg’s work grasps to identify itself as painting while also tightly escaping into the realm of sculpture. Jonny Elder presents refined abstract painting paired with work dispensed through public bathroom paper towel dispensers. This juxtaposition leaves the viewer to decide where the art lies. Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack’s sculptures combine everyday objects with performance, filled with energetic intensity. These performances are born from Gaitor-Lomack’s personal histories and are translated into far-reaching societal quandaries. This show encourages viewers to look past the bullshit and engage with a group of artists who are absolutely grabbing the bull by the horns. So embrace your skepticisms and discard instruction. Find what you need to find in the work, and if you find nothing, nothingness is something too.

-MP Knowlton

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Opening Reception

October 7, 2017



Open hours: 

Sundays, 12-5pm through October 29

or by appointment by emailing



Diogenes did not disappoint with his abyss of sight, smell, sound, and feeling. Rather, he slammed into us with a display lathered and bubbling in cerebral soup.

-Milena Grgas (ArtBlitz LA)